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nnomads Golf Club

‘Major Event News 2012’

(Includes links to articles, results, interviews with winners
and pictorial histories of each major event in 2012).

The Santa Decanter - 2012

Date: 31/12/2012
Growling Frog, Yan Yean, Victoria

Pup takes back the decanter from Santa: While it started out as an overcast sort of day, it wasn’t long before the clouds cleared to reveal a magnificent panorama for the annual running of the Santa Decanter for 2012.

And it was an excellent turnout for the last major event of 2012 with three groups stepping up to take their chances. The first group off the tee included event sponsor Pup, The Bloke, The Hanging Judge and Don Johnson closely followed by The Cardinal, Slugger, Rubber Man and Thombie the Mist. The final group was just as impressive with Markus Octavious, Nurse Min, Stavros and Freddie Five Iron setting up a day of hard fought competition.

But at the end of it all there could only be one winner being Pup the first and only person to win the event for the second time. And of course there was a long list of other winners acknowledged at the presentations (see full event report – SD 2012)

The club committee congratulates Pup on the second winning of his own event and of course all other winners on the day. And an additional special thanks to one in the same - event sponsor Pup who once again put on a sensational last major event for 2012.



SHanksy Invitational Tournemnet - 2012

Date: 1/12/2012
Kingston Links, Scoresby, Victoria

DJ does a SHiT: It was warm and humid day, before the sun came out accompanied by a slight and cooling breeze making the 2012 Shanksy Invitational Tournament one of those perfect condition events.

There were seven starters this year including event sponsor Shags, Stavros, the Cardinal and Freddie Five Iron in the first group, with Thombei The Mist, Rubber Man and Markus Octavious in the second group. And it was a hard fought competition before Don Jonhson completely blitzed the field with a 6 stroke under the card performance (90,24,66) including two NTPs. The Cardinal came in second, Stavros third, Rubber Man took out both longest drives, Octavious took out the ‘Endeavour’ award and Freddie took out the ‘Pineapple’ award (although due to a mistake in the Cardinals’ calculations, Freddie was presented with a ball for equal third by mistake and Markus took the ‘Pineapple’).

The club committee congratulates Don on the first winning of his own event and of course all other winners on the day. Special thanks to event sponsor SHAGS who once again put on a great day (See full event report – SHiT 2012).



Melbourne Cup Cup - 2012

Date: 6/11/2012
Yarra Bend, Fairfield, Victoria

No Moon on Green as Nurse Takes Cup: Yarra Bend really turned it on with perfect weather and sensational course conditions for the annual running of the Melbourne Cup Cup. And the perfect conditions led to some fantastic golf with a number of the twelve competitors turning in some of their best performances for the year.

But of course the MCC is a Callaway event which means nnomads handicaps are not used to determine the result. Rather, a Callaway handicap is calculated on the day which resulted in Nurse Min taking out the event by one stroke from The Bloke and The Cardinal in equal second place. The Nurse also won a Longest Drive as did Stavros. Thombei the Mist and Timmo took out the NTPs.

The club committee congratulates Nurse Min on his first championship win for some years and of course all other winners on the day. Special thanks to event sponsors The Brothers who as usual, organised another fantastic competition in the longest running event on the nnomads Golf Club calendar. (See full event report – MCC 2012).



Balnarring Invitational Tournament - 2012

Date: 13/10/2012
St Andrews. St Andrews Beach, Victoria

Bull Takes BIT by Horns: St Andrews proved to be a real challenge for those who competed in the BIT 2012 (as always). The weather did its bit by being fine for most of the round but then threw in a challenging final few holes with a characteristic Peninsular downpour.

This meant that the end of the round no one in the 17 man field had any idea who the 2012 champion might be (in no way due to The Cardinal taking off with one of the cards and returning it some hours later slightly adjusted). “I didn’t change the scores Agnes! I wrote out the card again because it was wet - you nong” claimed The Cardinal when questioned later. And a couple of members thought that was a somewhat reasonable excuse, but that is another story.

The real story was Rubber Man who eventually won a three man playoff which involved pitching into a bucket on Balnarring beach. The other two contenders were Critey and the Mild Colonial Boy who both put in a sensational performance to come in second and third respectfully. A full list of prize winners were celebrated at the BIT 10th Anniversary dinner that night which continued into a long night (for some not others). A full report with all details will be released shortly.

The club committee congratulates Rubber Man on his aspirational performance and indeed all winners on the day. Special thanks to event sponsor Nurse Min on another flagship event (see full event report - BIT 2012).



Tulum Sands Callaway Classic - 2012

Date: 12/10/2012
Flinders Golf Club, Flinders, Victoria

Cardinal Claims Classic: The weather report was depressing which had no impact on the 16 players that turned out to compete in the TSCC 2012 held at the fabulous Flinders Golf Club. While it was certainly cold, the rain stayed away making it a surprisingly pleasant day.

And of course this was a Callaway event which meant the results are calculated using the Callaway Handicapping System. And once again, the result was a play off, this time between Stavros and The Cardinal using the traditional pitch-off into a bucket routine.

So the gallery was very excited until Stavros led away with a 3 metre drub. The Cardinal then did slightly better (not very difficult) and that was the pattern to the end. This meant The Cardinal rightfully earned the accolades at the glamorous (or should that be ruckus) presentations that night. A full report will be released shortly.

The club committee congratulates The Cardinal on a brilliant performance and extends a special thanks to event sponsor Thombie the Mist on running the best TSCC ever (see full event report – TSCC 2012).



Victorian Open Masters Invitational Tournament - 2012

Date: 10/6/2012
Yarrambat Park, Yarrambat, Victoria

Pup’s behaviour leads to a VOMIT: Every competitor contesting the VOMIT in 2012 was blessed by The Cardinal in full cardinal type robes, and every competitor had the opportunity to participate in The Cardinals ‘Kahlua’ communion, which almost everyone did. This set the scene for another perfect Yarrambat day.

The rain held off and the sun eventually came out to create a breathless day perfectly suited to a VOMIT at both Team and individual level. And for those that required guidance, there was always The Cardinal’s huge cross mounted on the back of his cart that anyone could see from miles away.

Pup proved to be the man in truly brilliant form finishing up three strokes under the card (net 69). Stavros was two strokes behind him in second place and Slugger a further stroke back in third. Stavros, The Bloke and Pup won the teams’ event, which was associated with quite some controversy (see full article when available) while Shags took out the Longest Drive and The Cardinal and The Bloke each took out a Nearest the Pin. This gave all prize winners a boost on the Bladder although The Bloke remains on top. Pup also advanced his position in the club championship while Stavros remains on top.

The club committee congratulates Pup on his exemplary performance and indeed all winners on the day. And a special thanks to event organiser The Cardinal on a truly blessed and memorable day. See full event report.



ANZAC Day Medal - 2012

Date: 25/4/2012
Growling Frog, Yan Yean, Victoria

Stavros Sneaks in as the Sun Goes Down: Well it was a day full of drama as the confirmed field of ten players shrank rapidly over the previous twenty four hours. First it Curtis that pulled out (sore hand), then the Hanging Judge (called to the bench), followed by Rubber Man (bad back), then Markus Octavious (sore tendons) and finally Pup less than an hour before tee off (would do my head in if I played in the rain). Then a couple of players saw the light and returned to the fold including Curtis and Octavious who both turned up for what turned out to be a sensational day.

And it was a tough day in the trenches as the rain threatened to persist. But as is the case with many nnomads GC events the weather was proved kind, turning into a very pleasant day for this momentous event. And as the sun went down it was Stavros who prevailed over Shags by a single stroke with Curtis a further three strokes behind. Stavros also took out a Longest Drive and an NTP while the remaining prizes were spread over the field – Curtis (NTP), Freddie Five Iron (NTP), Nurse Min (NTP). This means that a number of players gained a boost on the Bladder and in fact the result was enough to put Stavros on top of 2012 championship ladder year to date. The club committee congratulates Stavros on his winning performance and indeed all winners on the day. See full event report.



‘Blessed are the Big Nose’ Cup - 2012

Date: 7/4/2012
Yering Meadows, Yering, Victoria

BC has a Big Nose: So the Maroon Breasted Warbler from the north swans into town to attend a concert and compete in the ‘Blessed are the Big Nose’ cup. Sound like a good plan? You bet because he not only had a great time at the show, he went onto take home one of the most sought after trophies on the nnomads Golf Club circuit, the ‘Big Nose’ trophy. And he did that in style (101, 29,72) beating The Bloke by a full three strokes (96,21,75) while the rest of the field was at least six strokes further back. It should be said that The Bloke also took out a Longest Drive and a NTP illustrating that the club champion was also very much in form. Pup took out the other NTP and Shags took out the other Longest Drive. But the champion on the day was BC who has now earned some bladder points and of course has moved up the nnomads Golf Club championship in 2012 ladder. The club committee congratulates BC on a sensational performance and indeed all winners on the day. See full event report




Australian Masters Open Kup - 2012

Date: 26/1/2012
Growling Frog, Whittlesea, Victoria

Teflon runs AMOK on Australia Day: Within the context of an excellent turnout and perfect conditions, Harry took out the Australian Masters Open Kup, the first nnomads Golf Club major event for 2012. In fact Harry won the event by five strokes (99,31,68) from The Bloke in second placed (95,22,73) and Markus Octavoius (108,34,74) in third. In addition, Teflon took out one the longest drives with a sensation tee shot on the 8th hole.  Other prize winners on the day included Pup taking out a Longest Drive, Timmo, Slugger, The Bloke and the Hanging Judge each taking out an NTP. The obvious implications include Harry now leading the nnomads Golf Club championship in 2012, albeit very early in the competition year. See full report.