ADMINISTRIVIA (Sans Frontiers)

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Description: Description: Description: N:\nnomads web site\Web site\

nnomads Golf Club


Welcome to the administration hub of the nnomads Golf Club.

The nnomads Golf Club believes in complete transparency with its members. However, the club has no employees or staff. It relies completely on the administration, accounting and audit capabilities of a stray cat, which tends to be more interested in eating, sleeping and chasing birds. This means there is little information available on the Club finances other than the occasional Kitty report.

Kitty Report as at 4/1/2021


Period / Change

Balls in Stock

$ per ball

Total $ balls

Lights in Stock

$ per Light

Total $ Lights

Heavies in Stock

$ per Heavy

Total $ Heavies

$ Cash Held

Total $ value Cash & Consumables

4 January 2021

Total on hand












31 December 2019

Previous Total













Change on Previous Total













Notes to Accompany Kitty Report

Note 1: Excludes book credits owing to members - None at present albeit with some debtors not recorded

Note 2: As usual, we don't expect members to take any notice of the finances so it doesn't matter anyway.

Note 3: Ginger beers / non-alcoholic not shown (4 x $2.00 = $8.00)

Note 4: Received $20 from B Bag. Wrote off $9.95 to make balance zero. B Bag removed from books.

Small change policy: Any small change found lying on the table at the end of completion of duties at the 10th or 19th hole, shall be gratefully accepted as a donation to the nnomads Golf Club.