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     nnomads Golf Club

The Santa Decanter 2012

‘On Course at the SD’


Congregating at the 1st tee



Event sponsor Pup steps up ….



and leads the field away



Followed by Don Johnson



and The Bloke



and then The Judge



the Cardinal’s golden shoes ..



The Cardinal in his golden shoes…



Rubber Man shows how it is done…



and of course Slugger was back …



Beautiful course



Markus using the facilities ..



Thombei showing his form …



Freddie getting one away…



Markus making contact …



Nurse Min after making contact ..



Group 2 and group 3 meeting up on course ..



Rubber Man getting one away …



Beautiful course in great condition



Waiting on the last group to finish …



On the way back to the clubhouse



The club house before the presentations




Cardinal flying a kite in the background … and it really flew this time …

Also see video of Cardinal’s kite flying


The Gallery watching the kite…..



Warming down before the presentations



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