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Date: 4/11/2011
Course: Yering Meadows, Yering, Victoria

Winner 2011 0411.jpg

Winner on Handicap


Thombie thwarts The Bloke at the Meadows

Following on from his fabulous win last Tuesday in the Melbourne Cup Cup, Thombie the Mist prevailed once again over the Bloke (who he beat in a playoff 3 days prior), and Teflon (who fell over after a brilliant first nine and didn’t make the play off 3 days earlier), on the very challenging Yering Meadows Homestead Course (holes 27 through 9).

Teeing off at 7.20am (Where were you Jack?), the fabulous threesome were pretty even at the turn with Thombie and Teflon on 18 points and The Bloke 4 points behind. By the end of the round The Bloke was within one point of Mist but couldn’t manager to squeeze out what was needed. Hence, Thombei took all balls and points earned on the day (no NTP - see updated Bladder and latest handicaps).

The committee congratulates Thombei on his continuing good form and reminds all members of Lee Treveno who famously said- ‘You can make a lot of money in the game. Just ask my ex-wives. Both of them are so rich that neither of their husbands work.’ So get out there and play golf. Apparently you may make a buck if you practice!


Previous weekly results – 2011


Date: 30/9/2011
Course: Yering Meadows, Yering, Victoria

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Winner on Handicap


Runner up 30-9-11.jpg

Runner up

The river is rising at Yering

And so it was as four fortunate soles teed off on the Yering Meadows Valley Course (holes 10 through 27), an ACR 71.7 6024 metre course with sensational views over the Yarra Valley. Those fortunates included Thombei, Pup, Slugger and Teflon who lapped up the beautiful vistas as they played down the lush green fairways onto the immaculate greens. But this was a tough course on the day with water hazards bulging after heaving rains and water levels rising by the minute fed by the runoff.

And there was quite some controversy when Tom landed in water. This was because his ball ended up outside the hazard markers where water normally wasn’t present (but was today because of the flooding). Hence, Misty wanted to call it casual water so he could move his ball without penalty. “You define whether you are in the hazard or not by looking at the stakes. On that basis I am clearly not in the hazard. So I must be in casual water because my ball is totally submerged? How can you argue with that?” suggested Thombei as the rest of the players totally ignored his plea. [Note: As it happens Tom is right and has had a stroke removed from his gross score but keep it quiet].

In any case, it was a close game with all players within one stroke of each other at the end of the first nine. Then Pup asserted himself with some sensational drives to pull away by seven strokes at the end of the round. On handicap, Teflon (113, 30, 83) snuck in front of Pup (106, 18, 88) to take the winners balls while both gained some bladder points [but for some reason Pup wasn’t presented with his ball so the club still owes him one. Plus we had to use the substitute photo shown left – but also see updated Bladder and latest handicaps).

The committee congratulates Teflon and Pete on their average but points earning performances and reminds all members of journalist Phillip Adams’s attitude to golf - ‘Unless you're willing to have a go, fail miserably, and have another go, success won't happen’. So get out there and have a go at golf!


Date: 23/9/2011
Course: Yering Meadows, Yering, Victoria

Equal winner A 23-9-11.jpg

Equal Winner on Handicap

Equal winner B 23-9-11.jpg

Equal Winner on Handicap


NTP 23-9-11.jpgBalls for all at Yering

As you would expect, the Yering Meadows staff recognised the nnomads GC members as they approached the pro shop and appropriately discounted the round once again. And it all started off very well on the 6,066 metre Homestead course (holes 19 to 27 and then holes 1 to 9), an ACR 71.8 off the blue tees.

But to be honest, the quality of the golf deteriorated and particularly on the second nine. This is not to say the harmonious group of Afheed, Slugger and Telflon didn’t have a fabulous day, because they did. It was just that is was another mediocre albeit very pleasant round with Slugger and Telflon coming equal on handicap and Afheed taking out the NTP. This meant everyone got a ball and everyone got some points so you couldn’t beat that could you (see updated Bladder)? As was expected there was little change to the handicaps (see latest handicaps).

The committee congratulates Afheed, Slugger and Telflon on their egalitarian approach to golf but reminds all members of billionaire Kerry Packer’s personal motto Never complain, never explain’ which clearly means walk out the door and play more golf without explanationJust-do-it.


Date: 16/9/2011
Course: Yering Meadows, Yering, Victoria


Winner 16092011.jpg

Winner on Handicap


Mist all over the Meadows

So Shanksy was working as was Steph and everyone else except Slugger who was heading for Torquay for a weekend away, and of course Emile who was heading for Sorrento doing the same thing and Steph who was going to join him, and Shanksy who was going to ring Steph and Emile for a game on the weekend and .... etc, etc, etc .... I mean how hard is it to arrange a Friday morning game of golf?

Despite all these obstacles, Teflon and the Mist were visionary enough to tee off at Yering Meadows mid morning on Friday in the most perfect conditions (22 degrees, sunny, magnificent view over the Yarra Valley, all that...) to play the ‘Valley Course’ (holes 10 through 27). But to keep it short, The Mist was all over Harry on this challenging course taking the points easily and the only ball on offer (as no one got the NTP - see updated Bladder), and little change to the handicaps (see latest handicaps).

The committee congratulates Thombei on his return to form and reminds all members that all this talk about football Tony, should not distract you from playing golf!


Date: 11/9/2011
Course: Yarra Bend, Victoria


winner 11-9-11.jpg

Winner on Handicap

Teflon slips one to the Bloke

Well no one wanted to play golf this week except Teflon, The Bloke and Freddie (although Freddie ruled out an early tee-off and the Bloke had already booked a 7.40am tee off which resulted in a pair of nnomads playing Yarra Bend on a Sunday morning). And while it was a little damp early in the game, the sun broke to make it one of those ‘Yarra Bend mornings’.

As it turned out it was a pretty competitive game of golf. Harry got away well but lost the lead to Steph towards the end of the first nine, who then maintained the off the stick lead to the end of the round. But Harry hauled back enough strokes back to win the day on handicap (93,30,63) from an ungrateful Steph (90,23,67) who didn’t win the NTP either. Hence, Teflon got the balls and points (see updated Bladder), with minimal change to the handicaps (see latest handicaps).

The committee congratulates Harry on a simply superb performance and reminds all members that the only way to overcome a challenge is to start. So start playing golf!


Date: 27/8/2011
Course: Ringwood, Victoria

Steph 270811.jpg

PIS 11 Tom.jpg

Winners on Handicap

Couldn’t separate Bloke-n-Mist

So this commentary is based on a remote email report with no detail at all. Suffice to say that Teflon organised the game, booked the course and then didn’t turn up.

Apparently, Thombie and the Bloke played really well but Shags didn’t. At the end of round the Bloke and Thombei were two under par and one over the ACR, a nice round to say the least (both net 69). The mist took out the NTP putting him in the serious points (see updated Bladder), as was the Bloke with little change to the handicaps (see latest handicaps).

The committee congratulates Thombei and the Bloke on an impressive performance and reminds all members that spring is here so spring into action and book for golf next week NOW!


Date: 29/7/2011
Course: Yarra Bend, Victoria

Winner 29082011.jpg

Winner on Handicap

Afheed makes a meal of it

Don’t take that headline the wrong way because Emileo did it well at The Bend on that fateful Friday afternoon when he showed Harry and Steph how this picturesque course should be played.

Afheed started strongly and then led the field all day (well almost), but it didn’t matter because his final even with the card score (103,34,69) was clearly superior to Teflon and The Bloke who were looking for excuses as the score were being calculated. No one got the NTP which meant that Emileo got all the points (see updated Bladder) with little change to the handicaps (see latest handicaps).

The committee congratulates Afheed on yet another stupendous performance and reminds all members that spring is almost here. So spring into action and book for golf next week.


Date: 02/7/2011
Course: Yarra Bend, Victoria

Winner 02072011.jpg

Winner on Handicap


Captain warms up for a PIS

Well it was a big turn out when the Captain organised a ‘warm up’ round at Yarra Bend the weekend before the PIS. The very impressive two groups included The Hanging Judge, Afheed, The Bloke, Teflon, Thombei the Mist, Nurse Min and Pieter B.

So the day was beautiful and the course – very pretty, which was fortunate because there was nothing pretty about the outcome. That was because the renegade South Australian took the winners balls, all three of them after shooting a net 2 strokes under the card (99,32,67). Steph (99,32,67) and Emile (104,34,70) came in equal second while Jack took the longest drive and someone (not sure who, records lost, please identify yourself) won the NTP.

The committee congratulates The Captain for his first win of the year and reminds all members that fishing and golf work perfectly together. So if you can’t go fishing play some golf!


Date: 02/4/2011
Course: RACV Club – Healesville, Victoria

winner 2 2042011.jpg

Winner on Handicap

2nd0 2042011.jpg

2nd and Longest Drive

winner 2042011.jpgTelfon toughs it out at the ville

So this week it was on again at the RACV club in the beautiful hills around Healesville in the Yarra Valley. Logically Tombei the Mist turned up (2 minutes from home) as did ‘Pup’ (playing the role of required member), ‘The Bloke’ and Teflon (also close to home).

The course was in its normally beautiful but challenging condition tripping up all players at some stage during the game. It was relatively close at the turn with Pup and The Bloke on equal terms and the Mist a couple of strokes behind. Thombei then took the initiative before stumbling badly on the final three holes leaving a gap for Teflon (102, 30, 72) to slide his way into first position (based on his new much higher handicap under the new handicap system) leaving The Bloke just behind in 2nd (97, 23, 74).

Now there was some controversy with the longest drive because The Bloke was clearly longer but was next to a mid fairway bunker on the 2nd cut. The referee deemed it legitimate on the basis the bunker was surrounded by fairway and so was part of the fairway despite sitting on the 2nd cut. Not all players agreed with the judgement (particularly Thombei as he was next in line). But the ball went to The Bloke for a sensational drive.

This meant that Telfon and The Bloke took all the balls and bladder points (see updated Bladder) with little change to the handicaps (see latest handicaps).

The committee congratulates Teflon for his first win of the year and the Bloke for maintaining his increasing lead on the Bladder. The committee reminds all members that lent is almost upon us, so lean on yourself now and book for next week.


Date: 18/3/2011
Course: Yering Meadows – The Nursery Course, Yering, Victoria

Winner 18022011.jpg

Winner on Handicap

Afheed takes out the masses

It was clear the Hanging Judge wasn’t going to play because tee off at Yering Meadows was booked for 7.30am. Tombei the Mist baled as well leaving three intrepid souls to soak up the perfect conditions including Telfon, The Bloke and Afheed.

The group started on the 10th with the intention to play through to the 27th (known as the Valley Course). Competition was tight through the first nine with not much in it at the turn. The head greenkeeper Craig, happened to be on the 10th green and recommended playing the first nine instead of the third nine, something the Bloke was very keen on. This turned the Valley course into the Nursery course which was in just superb condition. But its a tough course with water and bunkers everywhere. In the end it was Afheed (112,35,77) who took advantage of the change ending up three strokes in front of Telfon. No one got the NTP, which meant that Afheed was the only winner on the day (see updated Bladder). Not much happened to the handicaps (see latest handicaps), using both old and new systems.

The committee congratulates Afheed on another commanding performance and reminds all members that a good strike rate is something women are really impressed by. And the only way to get one (a good strike rate, not woman), is to play in the weekly competition. So book now for next week.


Date: 5/3/2011
Course: RACV Club – Healesville, Victoria

NTP 532011.jpg


Winners 532011.jpgTies only at the Club

So this was the first weekly competition to use the new rolling set handicaps (introduced on the 1st of March), and what an impact they had.

The venue this week was the RACV club in Healesville on a perfect, breathless sunny afternoon. And it was a field of champions that stepped up to the tee including current nnomads golf club champion ‘Pup’, last year’s nnomads golf club champion ‘Slugger’, 2006 nnomads golf club champion ‘Thombei the Mist’ and never been a nnomads golf club champion ‘Teflon. Hence, the scene was set for a very competitive round.

And at the end of the day you couldn’t split the real champions with Pup (92,19,73), Slugger (96, 23,73) and the Mist (97, 24, 73) all ending up on a net score of 73 strokes. This meant the points were split evenly across the equal winners giving them all a boost on the 2011 Bladder, although Slugger got an extra point for his sensational NTP on the 4th hole (see updated Bladder). An interesting feature of the new handicap system was that a couple of players went out while a couple came in slightly (see latest handicaps), further reinforcing the perception that the new system better reflects how members are playing at the present time.

The committee congratulates Pup, Slugger and Thombei on their tight performances and reminds all members that the only way to get some balls is to play in the weekly competition.


Date: 25/2/2011
Course: Yarra Bend, Kew, Victoria

Winner 25022011.jpg

Winner on handicap

Gallery 25022011.jpgSteph Steps Up At the Bend

Despite Yarra Bend being slightly distorted, it was in great condition for this week’s Friday morning competition. The event attracted a huge field of three players including Afheed, The Bloke and Telflon (although Bull also turned out for the walk making it a particularly enjoyable round).

Everybody hit at least one good shot. But Steph hit more than one good shot and took out the points at the end of the day (93,20,73). This gave him another boost on the bladder cementing his place at the top for another week (see updated Bladder). No one broke their handicap, so all sneaked out a smidgen (see latest handicaps) and the NTP didn’t go off!

The committee congratulates Steph on another convincing win and reminds members that participation is good for the soul. So start participating in the weekly competition now!


Date: 19/2/2011
Course: RACV Club – Healesville, Victoria


Winner on handicap

Thombei ‘feels it’ up at the club

The weather forecast looked gruesome during the week predicting solid rain for the weekly competition to be held at the RACV Club in Healesville last Saturday. Hence, no one was surprised when it turned into a perfect sunny day for golf, albeit, somewhat wet underfoot due to the rain the night before. The field for the day was high quality to say the least including reigning club champion ‘Pup’, can’t sail because of the wind ‘Shags’, local Healesville boy ‘Thombei’ and doesn’t fit any of those descriptions ‘Teflon’. With a group like this competing for the points you can imagine the competitive vibe around the first tee prior to tee off.

Now the RACV Healesville course is short (only 4272 meters), has a low ACR rating (ACR=65.8), and has a PAR of only 68 strokes. You could easily conclude these players should tear up the course. But the course has quite a bit of up and down (hills that is), has some fearsome rough, is surrounded by magnificent mature trees and bush (don’t go in there), and has some very challenging tee and pin placements. All concluded it was a very challenging course on the day.

And that’s how it panned out with too because it was almost anyone’s game for most of the round, well almost. In fact Teflon fell off the perch early followed by Shags much later leaving the Pup and Thombei to fight it out over the last few holes. But the final results didn’t paint this picture because Thombei proved to be a convincing winner shooting 89 off the stick and one stroke under the card (net 67 strokes) after handicap. To make it even more convincing, the Mist took out the only NTP on the day, leaving Pup the only other competitor to get any Bladder points (2nd on handicap - see updated Bladder). No one broke their handicap and while Thombei didn’t go out, everyone else did (see latest handicaps).

The committee congratulates Thombei on his convincing win and reminds members that the weather bureau is rarely right. So you should book into the weekly competition no matter what the outlook.


2nd on handicap




Date: 15/2/2011
Course: Yering Meadows – The Valley Course, Yering, Victoria

Winner 150211_s.jpg

Winner on handicap

Bloke Makes Mist Disappear up The Valley

In an effort to revive the weekly competition for 2011, The Bloke, The Mist and Teflon decided to play the Valley Course (ACR 72) at Yering Meadows mid week to ensure very few players could compete. In near perfect conditions (sunny, 31 degrees, hardly a person on the course), the threesome gave it their best to conquer this challenging course configuration. As would be expected, it was a close competition for quite most of the match. For example, all players shot the same gross score on the first nine and it stayed close until the last few holes at which point Teflon self destructed leaving The Mist and The Bloke to fight it out for the honours.

But at the end of the day there could only be one winner which was Steph, who took it out over Tom by one stroke after handicaps were applied (102,20,82). And to make it a clean sweep Steph also took out the nearest the pin on the day. Clearly, this was another commanding performance from the Bloke who was backing up from his recent win in the AMOK in January. No one broke their handicap so all handicaps went out by 0.1 stoke using the old handicap system. However, Steph gain another boost on the Bladder (now based on a points system), giving him a clear lead year to date.

The committee congratulates Steph on his continuing form in 2011 and reminds members that every game of golf extends your life by a day and members should be aiming to live to one hundred years of age. So you know what to do - play more golf!

NTP 150211_s.jpg



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